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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 16, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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right now on today in the bay, a woman is found dead along the train tracks. why investigators believe she was murdered and what they are doing to find her killer. plus, getting the chance to be all you can be seems to be getting harder. the rules now in place that keeps the majority of people who want to enlist in the military out. and happening right now, thousands of runners making their way through the streets of san francisco, some faster, some slower. we'll show you how it's different than in years past. "today in the bay" starts right now. and as we look at the golden gate bridge, you might notice a lot of foot traffic there.
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those are some of the marathoners running the course. it seems like a nice day for it. happy father's day. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. it looks like a nice day to run the marathon. >> we had some drizzle overnight. chilly in the north bay. 58 in san jose. all day sea breeze will help keep the temperatures running fairly mild and low clouds -- pacifica, santa cruz, temperatures in the mid-70s. closer to san jose, low 80s inland today and as we go through the work week, temperatures are going to run a little cooler. we'll show you the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, rob. one man is dead after a shooting at a party last night. vallejo police say a man was
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standing in front of a home near sawyer street around 11:30 last night when he was shot several times. he died a short time later. it's unclear whether the shooter was at the same party as well. two suspects took off and are still on the loose this morning. this killing is vallejo's 11th homicide of the year. now to a developing story in the south bay where a search for a killer continues in morgan hill. a woman's body was found along monterey road near a mobile home park on monterey road and wright avenue around 8:00 yesterday morning. the woman was likely killed just a few hours before her body was found near the railroad tracks there. police suspect foul play. they do not think she was hit by a train. investigators also looking into the possibility that she was sexually assaulted before her death. we are told there are two persons of interest in this case but very little information to
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go on. >> we believe, combined with the witness statements and the results that we get back from the coroner's office and the crime lab that helped process the crime scene will help put together a story of what happened. >> police are talking to a person of interest and are speaking with all of the people that live in that mobile home complex. this woman is the first homicide victim of the year for morgan hill. the chp is trying to track down the driver of a pickup truck that is responsible for a crash that injured a san jose man on north 101 in novato. a red pickup truck drove across all four lanes of traffic and smashed into a car. it took off. it took fire crew 20s minutes to pull the man from the wreckage of the lexus before he was taken to the hospital with moderate
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injuries. the truck is described as a possible chevrolet or ford and was toeing a black open-top box trailer. happening right now a. live look this morning near the finish of the san francisco marathon. not the finish. the golden gate bridge. we can see folks making nice time this morning. runners took off at 5:30 this morning from the ferry building along the embarcadero. as you might imagine, there is increased security in place because of the boston marathon bombings. runners may notice bomb-sniffing dogs, bag checks, street closures, and most notably the start and finish area are enclosed this year. we talked to some folks who are confident that everything is going to go smoothly. >> i have full confidence in san francisco and the committee that's putting together the race. so i'm pretty sure everything is
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going to go smoothly. we're going to have a great day. >> just trying to have fun. the love of the sport, really. who else gets up at 5:30 in the morning to run a marathon, 26 miles? nobody is as crazy as these people here. >> this morning's event includes a full marathon, a half marathon, as well as a 5k and even a kid's race. if you're headed to the city and you are not running, expect traffic delays for most of the morning. a section along embarcadero will be closed as runners travel across it. it should clear up by midday. a small explosion damages a storefront in downtown san francisco. this is a blast that happened just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon on grant avenue near union square. investigators say it was a very powerful firecracker known as an
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m-80. witnesses in the area say someone threw what looked like a set of dynamite through the restaurant's window, then three people took off running. bomb-sniffing dogs searched for more exclusives as police closed off the area but they found nothing else. no one was injured so far. no one is under arrest either. firefighters are trying to find out what caused two small brush fires in the same area of south san jose. flames broke out around 3:30 yesterday afternoon just north of embedded way. 2 1/2 acres burned before the fire was put out. >> we're trying to be proactive and make sure that we're covering it aggressively when the fires start to prevent them from spreading rapidly. >> just a few hours earlier another brush fire burned about half a mile away. firefighters say at this point they don't see any relationship between the two fires. no one was hurt. no structures were damaged in either fire. san rafael police saved the
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life of a man who didn't even know he was in danger. police got a call yesterday morning about a house on fire. they found the homeowner trying to put the fire out. police stopped him and took him away to be treated for a burn to his face. after questioning the man, they learned his adult son was still inside. police kicked in the locked house door and a locked interior door to get to that man. police say he didn't even know the house was on fire. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. happening now, people in colorado forced from their homes by a massive wildfire are getting a firsthand look at the destruction this morning. many evacuees are being allowed back in the neighborhood as firefighters try to gain the upper hand on that black forest fire. it's 55% contained this morning. it's responsible for the deaths of two people and has destroyed nearly 500 homes and has charred
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25 square miles. investigators say the cause of the fire is under investigation but it seems it was started by people. still ahead on "today in the bay," vice president biden wraps up his visit with a little visit. we'll show you where he stopped in for a little breakfast before heading back to work. ♪
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vice president joe biden is waking up in washington, d.c., after a quick trip to the bay area. his visit included a surprise stop at a popular diner. "today in the bay" has more. >> reporter: vice president biden walked into hobee's restaurant, greeted by applause, and walked into the room like only joe biden can. >> hey, work on your biceps.
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>> i'm trying. >> good to see you. >> keep up the good work. >> chavon lee got a kiss and her daughter was swept up in the vice president's arms. >> i said hi and she goes, you know what my uncle calls you? he calls you joey b. >> we just said keep up the great work and it's great to meet him in person and it's nice that he takes time to come to smaller places. >> biden went behind the counter and talked to the kitchen staff before enjoying blueberry coffee cake. but getting to his table wasn't easy. >> i love you. >> what's your name? >> carrie vonn. i've been voting since i was 20 years old. >> that means you've voted two times. i've got it. >> thank you so much for looking out for us little people. >> i enjoy it. my niece, casey owens, is
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graduating from stanford. >> he's going to be speaking at the commencement. after joe biden's visit to the diner, the vice president headed to stanford for that graduation. he's a prolific fund-raiser for the democratic party after attending one on friday night. he's now expected to make a push for a stronger gun control policy at the white house at an event on tuesday. still ahead on "today on the bay," steve marichi is back on the field. here's a look at the odot coliseum this morning. patchy low clouds and a pretty nice father's day forecast. i'll have a look at that when we come right back.
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so you can. and we are looking live at a picture from the peninsula this
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morning, some hazy skies and mild temperatures. a group will fight violence in their community. it's the first anti-violence mark through east palo alto today and they hope that the group will bring attention to the high crime rate in the city and give people the opportunity to meet their neighbors. fear is keeping some people from speaking out, including events like this one. >> people have a legitimate fear because of retaliation. there is a strong code of not snitching and that's the barrier we need to breakdown. >> organizers are in the process
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for more in the future. and a history-making moment as 24-year-old ryan completed the paralympics, crossing the finish line in central park yesterday. he began the more than 3,000 mile trek 40 days ago. he is also raising money for stay focused and a driving program for a boy fighting leukemia. he was undergoing grueling chemotherapy treatment and is still in search of a bone marrow transplant. family, frernds, both old and new. >> it's a grassroots sort of
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campaign of love, i guess, if you can say, everyone from all over, either they have known them or not known them for a long period of time and we have all come together for this little boy. >> the family is set to leave for st. jude hospital next week. you can donate at any wells fargo bank. a special football camp for children with down's syndrome this weekend. it was a two-day event called football camp for the stars and was founded by former 49ers head coach and run by current and former 49ers' players and coaches. >> i made my first touchdown history. i've never made one before. it's great to be part of the
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team. >> this year's game even included an nfl rep who worked this year's super bowl. he also practice as well. hundreds of service members, children got to play football with the pros in palo alto today. also linebacker patrick willis led the two-day football camp, put on more than 300 children of active duty personnel. >> really just wasn't hard to see the kids having fun and they may not understand it so much now but they will when they get older. >> willis said more than 30 of the bay area football coaches topped the fundamental skills of the game. might see that guy on the field some day soon. rob mayeda has a look at the weekend forecast and it's changing cooling for the midweek. >> not too bad. the clouds have broken up a little earlier than we had expected around san francisco.
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i don't think anyone is complaining about that. it's a gorgeous start to the morning. 52 degrees with the cool sunshine there. 48 in santa rosa. 55, patchy low clouds around oakland and 53 degrees around san jose. we do have the winds on the way in fairfield this morning. that will include a cooler day. inland spots, maybe low 80s out there. oakland a's taking on the mariners in the 60s today. it should be just fine if your father's day plans include hanging out with the a's. showing up quite well on the satellite view, just to the north of the bay area, it's not going to bring us showers and for us it's going to bring in cooler air aloft and bringing temperatures down a few more
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degrees towards half moon bay. we'll see some of the low clouds as we head towards tomorrow morning. there you see it, heading into tomorrow morning, more clouds building inland across the bay. father's day forecast looks pretty nice for the south bay. we should see numbers in the mid-70s, south of downtown, 75 santa cruz on the coast for today. tri-valley, temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. as you head over to alamo and danville, low 80s down from the 90-degree temperatures on friday. san francisco, 62 degrees. 60s as we go through the next three days. temperatures are going to cool off on tuesday. wednesday, also looking fairly cool, a bit breezy at times and then high pressure is going to
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build in right on schedule. you're going to see those temperatures climbing up heading into next weekend. we could see highs close to 90 by next saturday. >> that's perfect for outdoor plans. cooler, though, on the coast because of the sea breeze. >> he looked at me and said, whiner. >> you'll love it. >> it will be great no matter what. thanks, rob. still ahead on "today on the bay". >> it's not what it used to be. >> i said, what are my chances of getting in. he looked at me and said 50/50
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sfl . getting a chance to be all that you can be is getting harder. uncle sam is turning away recruits. 75% of young men and women
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denied by the military. so what's the problem? they are willing. here's "today in the bay." >> every week, the same routine. >> i like to feel like i'm serving my country. >> at 27 it's what the army calls a future soldier. >> when you get to basic training -- >> his mission -- >> it's probably going to be a culture shock. >> not just physically fit, he's also ambitious. >> i graduated from brown university in 2010. >> while not everyone has ivy league status, it's recruiting higher caliber soldiers, the mail tear making it harder to join. >> a lot of soldiers in right now would not be eligible to serve. >> richard is an army recruiter based in palo alto. he's had to turn away more people recently. high schools are the grounds for
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recruiting soldiers. back in the day, 90% of kids could qualify. >> now it's 50% or maybe less than that. >> but why? that's what mission readiness led by military leaders looks into. a report entitled "ready, willing, and unable" found that 75% of 17 to 24-year-olds failed to qualify. one out of four americans does not have a high school diploma. >> we no longer do geds. if you have a ged, you won't be able to join the army, unfortunately. >> then, there's criminal histories. standards used to be much more lacks. >> you could get away with minor assaults and car theft or something like that. >> but the worst culprit of all,
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obesity. 27% of young americans are too fat to join the military. and in california, the numbers are worse, 42% overweight or obese. years ago that wasn't such a big deal. >> we ran them through a fat farm to lose the weight. those don't exist anymore. you either qualify to come in or you do not. we do not rehabilitate people anymore. >> the military provides waivers for things like criminal history but it is getting tougher to get those waivers approved. just ask sam schmidt. >> they are not accepting run of the mill. >> she's been rejected, thanks to these tattoos on her hands and side of the neck. >> it was like, what are my fans chances of being able to make it in and he's like 50/50. >> the army has had it slash the recruitment goals for the last four years in a row. from 2009 to 2012, it lowered
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the number by 26,000. the army doesn't give the reason why but a lot is advanced technology. >> communications, commander control systems that they use is are all high tech. you can't just hand somebody a gun and say, stay away. >> the military will give them the opportunity to grow up, it will give them discipline, mental discipline, physical discipline, and it will provide uncle sam as that rich uncle who might support you through college. and they can't get that opportunity now because they can't get in the military in the first place. >> stephanie trong, nbc "today in the bay". terrorist plots that have been stopped over the last few years.
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good morning to you. still looking live at the golden gate bridge where some of the marathoners are going over it. they have been at it for about two hours now. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. >> it's taken me that long just to have a cup of coffee. >> and the weather is just outstanding. you can see it across the golden state bridge this morning. some places are seeing patchy low clouds. san francisco to oakland, 50s through 9:00. as we move towards lunchtime, you're going to start to see 70s to low 80s inland. upper 70s near san jose. and the clouds will linger around pacifica and half moon bay filling in tonight. it's going to be a cool day today. plus, bigger changes in the forecast. that spin in the clouds off to the northwest in the gulf of alaska. that's going to drop closer to us by tuesday. we'll show you some of the changes that may have in our seven-day forecast in a few
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minutes from now. >> thanks, rob. new this morning, plenty of rattled nerves in mexico city after an earthquake shook buildings. the 5.7 earthquake struck 125 miles south of mexico city. the mayor reported via twitter that power outages were being reported to and no reports of damage or injuries. more chaos in turkey, clashes between police in riot gear continue in istanbul. what is left of a two-week sit-in at a park has been demolished and police sealed off the area to keep angry demonstrators from coming back. the anti-government demonstrators were evicted from the city park last night. they have been in the square for two weeks protesting the developments of the plans in that park. 30 people are dead, dozens more injured after at least 12 car bombs and a shooting in iraq
7:32 am
this morning. officials say the attacks, which appear to be coordinated, took place in areas where shiite muslim majority. explosions rocked half a dozen cities and towns in the central park of the country and near the city of mosul. a gunman opened fire on police on a remote stretch of a pipeline. president-elect rohani after being announced the winner of the election, the moderate cleric says his country needs to enforce and remain committed to law in order to achieve peace and stability. hassan rohani's victory opens space for moderates and liberal voices in iran that were stifled after ahmadinejad back in 2009. u.s. intelligence officials
7:33 am
now say dozens of potential terrorist attacks were prevented because of the information gained through the use of the government's controversial data gathering program. they say one was a plot targeting new york city four years ago. dan has the details. >> reporter: in september 2009, nazi was arrested for plotting to bomb subways. in january, an arrest of an alleged co-conspirator, both serving life sentences which proves that the surveillance programs work. according to the information released on saturday by the senate intelligence committee, this plot is one of dozens officials say have been thwarted by the programs. programs which have recently found themselves in the hot seat, after the leaking of classified information by edward snowden, the contractor at the
7:34 am
center of the controversy. fewer than 300 phone numbers were investigated last year in a database of u.s. phone records collected by the nsa. records can only be connected to terrorism. as the intelligence community tries to push back in their monitoring of internet usage, google and facebook are pushing as well, asking the government to allow more transparency for their users without compromising security. vice president joe biden is waking up in washington, d.c., after a quick trip to the bay area. he was fundraising but managed to make a surprise stop at a popular diner in sunnyvale. >> i love you. >> what's your name? >> carrie vonn. i've been voting since i was 20 years old. >> two times then, i got it. >> thanks so much for looking out for us little people.
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>> vice president biden visited customers at hobee's restaurant in sunnyvale. he was greeted by applause and gave out plenty of hugs. one woman even got a kiss from the vice president and her daughter was swept up in his arms. >> it was great to meet him in person and it's nice that they take time to come to little, smaller places. >> mr. biden even went behind the counter and talked with kitchen staff before enjoying some famous blueberry coffee cake. after visiting the diner, the vice president headed to stanford to watch his niece graduate. secretary of state leon panetta was in the south bay this weekend. he gave the commencement speech at his ala mater santa clara university. more than 1,000 students earned their bachelor's degrees at the university yesterday. panetta, who earned both his bachelor's degree and law degree
7:36 am
from santa clara university asked to hold the officials not as accountable. >> you are our future. and the key to whether we remain a government of by and for our people, congratulations. >> panetta also met his wife on campus and this summer they will celebrate 51 years of marriage. authorities in castro valley are still gathering information this morning on the robbery at a restaurant which ended with the gunman dead and several employees feeling very thankful to be alive. the owners posted a sign explaining what happens and why the restaurant is closed. a masked man with a .357 revolver robbed the restaurant at 10:30 that night. two deputies happened to be doing a traffic stop right outside the restaurant. the deputies went inside and confronted the armed robber. >> as they were coming in, they
7:37 am
heard a shot being fired, came to the rear of the restaurant, saw the employees struggling with the masked robbery suspect, ordered the suspect to drop his weapon. at that time, he did not drop his weapon and the deputy fired hitting the suspect and ultimately killing him. >> the most seriously injured employee was treated for a burn on his arm because of the revolver but deputies said it could have turned out very differently had they not been in the right place at the right time. >> still ahead on "today in the bay" a live look at the finish line where thousands of runners are expected to cross any minute now. it's been 2:07 since they started running. we're going to tell you why this year's marathon is different than in year's past.
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and let's look live now at the odot coliseum where the a's will try to avoid a sweep by the mariners at 1:05 this afternoon. top of the six, bases are loaded, putting seattle up 4-0 and that's how it will stay. the a's lose to mariners 4-0. and the giants helping to bounce back in atlanta today. sergio romo blew this save giving walk-off singles. braves win 6-5. and it wouldn't be father's day without the u.s. open. phil mickelson has a one-stroke lead. today is mickelson's 43rd birthday. he's got that going for him today, too. you can watch it right here on
7:41 am
nbc bay area. and looking live now at the 36th annual san francisco marathon, runners are expected to start crossing the finish line in about ten minutes. they took off around 5:30 this morning in embarcadero. there is increased security because of the boston marathon bombings. runners may notice bomb-sniffing dogs and bag checks and a finished area that is closed. people have confident it will go off without a hitch. >> no, i have full confidence in the people putting together the race and in san francisco. i think it's going to go smoothly and we're going to have a great day. >> it's fun. everybody is here for the love of the sport, really. having a good time. who else gets up at 5:30 in the morning to run a half marathon, 36 miles. nobody is as crazy as these
7:42 am
people here. >> this morning's event include as full and a half marathon as well as a 5k and a kid's race. if you're headed to the city, you can expect closures through most of the morning. a section of the embarcadero will be closed this morning as well as two lanes across the golden gate bridge. there will be significant delays around the city. it should all clear up by midday. still ahead on "today in the bay," a ruling on california's same-sex marriage could come as early as tomorrow. how local courthouses are preparing for a possible influx.
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state lawmakers are extending health care to low-income people. the bill passed yesterday as part of the affordable care act endorsed by president obama. several democratic lawmakers call the vote historic but
7:45 am
republicans wonder if they can afford it in the long run. the federal government will pick up the full cost for the first three years and then the state will be responsible for a portion of it. analysts say that could total up to $1.3 billion a year. by the end of this month and perhaps as early as tomorrow, the united states supreme court will decide the merits of affirmative action. joining us with the twist in this long-running conversation. i remember it was going on when i was still going to college. >> periodically this comes up, of course. with affirmative action, they consider race, gender, along with basic qualifications that anyone would need to have. that was created in the 1960s to help minority groups. the concept, kris, has been
7:46 am
controversial from the very beginning. some argue that it favors minorities over whites and it's unfair to it whos who may have had nothing to do with discrimination whatsoever. others say without it minorities would never have the opportunity to succeed. so there is the clash, if you will. >> right. so there is a current case that brings it back. and that's what the supreme court may decide? >> yep. every once in a while, as we said, folks decide to sue to possibly overturn the concept and it has changed over the years, by the way. they want to change it as unconstitutional. now, that's the focus of the present case. that's amy fisher versus the university of texas. abigail, excuse me, where she claims that she, a white woman, was denied admission because the school allowed less qualified black and latino students over her. >> this is the university of texas, my ala mater, by the way,
7:47 am
it was nice to see that video. how does that case impact california? >> the very concept of affirmative action, particularly since the court has limited its use going back, by the way, to 1978, that conservatives -- the concept is just -- liberals say discrimination persists to this very day and public institutions are hardly reflective of the nations demography. this case may be decided by the 5-4 vote with, of course, justice anthony kennedy being the swing vote again. >> so students who may be applying to universities here in california, i mean, affirm ativ action was outlawed, right? >> that's why this case hardly
7:48 am
affects california. in 2011, though, more recently, governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that would have reinstated affirmative action. still, public institutions here employ a variety of tactics, if you will, to increase the university admissions, for example, along the freshman class at uc during the 2011-2012, 4% were black, 15% latino, 48% were asian. all of this from outreach, okay? if the court eliminates affirmative action, look for opponents to press the university to cease minority outreach programs. if they sustain it on some kind of level, expect california institutions to continue their university diversity outreach efforts. but either way, california will be impacted from what comes out. and, yeah, it can be as early as
7:49 am
24 hours from now and a lot of people are going to be watching to see what that means for their future and the future of their kids. >> all right. thank you very much, larry, for clearing that up. we'll monitor that as the u.s. supreme court is working but we're also watching for the supreme court's decision regarding california's ban of same-sex marriage. that could come by the end of the month. if prop 8 is overturned a flood of same-sex couples are expected to descend on the court looking for marriage licenses. the county is preparing just in case. >> hyphenated combinations. >> inside san francisco's city hall, an unusual school is in session. >> what's the matter with that? >> a group of 30 stud cents learning the finer points of marriage. >> what we mean by a public marriage license, it means a ceremony may take place anywhere in california. >> this group will make up the
7:50 am
army of volunteers san francisco will dispatch in the event the u.s. supreme court strikes down california's prop 8, clearing the way for same-sex marriages. >> if they allow these marriages to continue, we want to be able to marry people immediately. >> the city administrator hopes to deputize clerks within the next week. the city has a bit of experience to go by following brief periods when same-sex marriages were allowed in 2004 and 2008. >> it could be as much as 200 people who come down to the city hall. if there's more, we're ready for them. if there's less, we're fine. >> the work isn't all glamorous. while some trainees were officiate marriages, some will enter information into the computer or work as greeters. if the court clears the way for the marriages, city hall will extend hours to meet the initial
7:51 am
crush of newlyweds. for many volunteers, it will be a familiar sight. >> it's an amazing part of history. i was here for the first round of gay marriage and city hall was just electric at that time. >> san francisco city attorney believes there will be a 30-day waiting period from the time the decision is released to when the weddings begin. so as the wait continues -- >> do you solemnly swear or affirm -- >> -- there's still much to do. joe rosato jr. this is bay area news. san francisco marathon runners have been hard at work. we'll be right back. nice in san francisco and nice look at foster city. a look at your father's day forecast coming up when we come right back.
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pretty nice start to the morning. viewing things from the bay bridge toll plaza, a lot of low clouds early. it's starting to break up now, giving way to sunshine. nice start to your sunday. chilly in a few spots. temperatures in the mid-40s. 48 degrees, 55 in san francisco. signs of a healthy sea breeze. winds southwest 15 in fairfield and out of the west into livermore. also interesting to note, just how far inland that marine air has gone into san francisco this morning so that marine layer, which was close to 2,000 feet, leading to mild temperatures yesterday, we should see the same today before monday and tuesday we'll see some bigger changes coming up as the system is spinning over my shoulder and drops in across the pacific
7:55 am
northwest. temperatures actually cooling down with highs in the 60s and low 70s. showers should stay to the north. most of the moisture stays in lake county. hilltops of north bay late tuesday into wednesday, might see a nice shower but temperatures cooling down a little more approaching wednesday. today, areas of low clouds breaking up. we're seeing that trend as it continues until 3:00 in the afternoon. we'll see the low clouds filling in along the coast and spilling locally inland as we head in tomorrow morning and maybe misty skies and drizzle for san francisco down the coast for your monday morning commute. temperatures in the south bay should be in the upper 70s and a few low 80s. around the tri-valley, a nice afternoon turning breezy around 3:00 as the ocean air conditioning turns on. low 80s in pleasanton.
7:56 am
near 60 for downtown san francisco and mid-to upper 60s around oakland into the north bay. you should see those highs in the 70s to near 80 today and turn cooler with a few more clouds come tuesday. temperatures drop off in the middle part of the week. second half of the week is a different story. high pressure builds in and you see temperatures start to climb. will call for mid-to upper 80s for friday and saturday for the first official start and weekend of summer. it's going to feel like it again with maybe near 90s by next saturday. >> wow. we want to go back to the san francisco marathon. we just heard that the first runner crossed the finish line about 2:25. i cannot believe how fast that is. 26.2 miles. and congratulations to number 3. this is the 36th annual san francisco marathon. of course, thousands of runners starting to cross the finish line now after that first one. they started at 5:30 from near the ferry building on the
7:57 am
embarcadero and there was, of course, increased security because of the boston marathon bombings. so there were bomb-sniffing dogs and secure starting points and end points and other security measures along the way. by the way, just because this guy finishes in 2:25 does not mean there is a lot of people coming behind him. you should count on delays throughout the city until about the noontime hour. also last night, emmys were handed out in san francisco and we don't want to brag except that we kind of want to. nbc bay area picked up ten awards. the national academy in san francisco honored the station with awards for editing, photography, and featured reports. there is garvin thomas and raj mathai.
7:58 am
our chief photographer took home three emmys. very exciting night. thanks for joining us and happy father's day. we'll see you next weekend. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival.
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this sunday, are we ramping up for war in syria? how far will president obama go to stop the bloodshed? a red line crossed by the assad regime. confirmation this week that chemical weapons were used as the president agrees to start arming the syrian rebels. but as the war reaches staggering heights, more than 90,000 killed so far, what is the strategy and the limit of u.s. involvement? joining me, the senior senator from south carolina, republican lindsey graham. also, the surveillance debate. what's next for edward snowden and what's the future of the government's sweeping counterterror program? with us, two key voices from the senate intelligence committee, the republican vice chair, saxby chambliss of o


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